The difference between Front-End and Back-End Developer

If you are one of the people interested in the field of web development, and you want to know the difference between Front-End and Back-End, come with me now to know the difference.

Website development field

What is happening on the site in terms of development is divided into more than one part, and we will talk about two important parts of them, which is the part of the Front-End + Back-End, the side that the user sees and interacts with, which is the part of the Front-End, and another side behind the scenes that the user does not see or he knows something about him and the one responsible for it is the Back-End

Definition of Front-End Developer

He is the person responsible for the interface of the site and the form appearing in it. He is responsible for the front end with all of its images, lines, shapes, movements and other things that the user interacts with. And all that he sees on the site.

The main languages ​​of the Front-End


It is the first step to building the website, through which you can place the elements on the site such as images, titles, links, and many more elements that we see on any site. In other words, we can say building the structure of the site


It is the language responsible for coordinating the elements placed by HTML. For example, the image we placed on the site can control its size and location, and the title. We can also control the color, font size, location, and everything related to the formatting of the page structure.A simple example to illustrate each language and its usefulness. When building the house, we first make the foundations of the house from columns and bricks, this is represented in the site Html. After that we paint the house and put colors and we make beautiful layouts to make the house look nice, this represents CSS on the site.


It is the language used to add interaction to web pages. For example, if you want to make a certain movement when you press, for example, a button on the site, the JavaScript language is what helps you to do that.

Libraries and frameworks

There are a lot of frameworks “Frameworks” for design that help you in your work and increase your productivity, such as “Bootstrap, Materialize”, and there are frameworks for the JavaScript language such as “Angular, Reactjs, Vuejs”, and there are many tools that increase your productivity in HTML + CSS like “SASS, LESS, Pugjs”

Definition of Back-End Developer

Is that person responsible for the infrastructure of the site, and everything related to data and dealing with databases and services for the site and the security part and everything related to the system and what happens behind the scenes

The main languages ​​of the Back-End

In addition to your knowledge of the language of building the structure of the site, you must learn a programming language to be able to build the system and what happens behind the scenes, and there are many programming languages ​​that you can choose from, and each of the languages ​​you will find a framework that helps you productivity and accomplish tasks and here are some of these languages ​​with Its most popular frameworks

  • PHP : Laravel, Symphony
  • Ruby : Ruby On Rails
  • Python : Django, Flask
  • Java
  • C#
  • Node.js

After that, you must learn databases to be able to store your software data. There are many types of databases that you choose according to the programming language you deal with.

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