Retain your network with a newsletter

newsletter is a very effective way to keep a regular link with your contacts. It allows you to send content specific to a target accurately .

You have to think carefully about the contents of your newsletter so that it becomes an interesting reading meeting for your targets.

Be careful, I’m not talking to you about writing an extended newsletter with a multitude of links to click! Your newsletter ‌ must be clear and concise : a few short texts, one or two visuals at most, and everything arranged to tell a story – storytelling is very effective in conveying information!

Your strategy

To prepare your newsletter, you will have to take into account 3 elements:

  • Its content
  • Its publication frequency
  • Its target


As I told you, it’s not about writing a novel, short content is enough! Use your newsletter to relay the publications you make on your blog or website for example.

You will include:

  • 1 or more visuals
  • some textual info
  • then a final link, which generally refers to your site or your blog

Publication frequency

I recommend that you do a monthly newsletter  . If you don’t feel up to it, you can start with a quarterly post pace.

Dedicate regular time slots in your agenda when writing your newsletter, for example the 1st or 15th of each month.


Define the target to whom you will send your newsletter, this is what will guide its content.

How to increase the number of your subscribers?

  • Add a subscription form to your newsletter on your site (most newsletter creation tools offer this functionality)
  • Encourage people to subscribe to your newsletter on your social networks, but also on your email signatures, business cards, etc.
  • Communicate around your newsletter: advertise it on your site, blog, etc.

The tools to create a newsletter

To create a newsletter, you have several free tools at your disposal – to create it, but also to follow the sending and consultation statistics. 

Let’s take a look at the advantages of these tools: 

  • Free , with a limit on the number of sendings but which already gives you the margin 
  • Easy to use, often with simple drag ‘n drop to arrange your elements
  • Offer complete statistics : how many people have opened your newsletter, how many times, on how many links they clicked etc. To explore to adapt your newsletter over time!

Here are some examples among the many emailing tools available on the Web: AWeber, Mailjet, SimpleMail, Mailify, Message Business, MailChimp. ‌Test them to see which one is right for you! My preference is for MailChimp, which is heavily used and has a lot of resources including tutorials.

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