How to retain your customers ?

For your clients, it’s a bit the same: if you are not present in their immediate environment, they will forget you after your mission. It’s up to you to remind them in their good memory, by adopting a real loyalty strategy. 

You have several levers at your disposal to retain your customers. Let’s take a tour! 

Communicate regularly with your customers

It can be with your newsletter, an email from time to time, a lunch too …

Personally, I try to have lunch at least once a month with one of my clients. It’s cool, your relationship with your client is evolving, and it allows you to hear from their business – if there are new projects, new opportunities.

I cannot repeat it enough: listen carefully to your client and try to detect new projects or new ideas to offer him.

Provide excellent “customer service”

You have to be able to give your customers a little more than what they paid for. Of course, all work deserves pay, but there are “more” and “more”. If that little extra does it a favor and costs you very little time, then yes, go for it. 

Be careful, however, to the small request that turns into a working day … In this case, be tactful: explain to him that it is quite possible, but that you evaluate this small work at X hours, or Y euros. Be transparent.

Share your watch

Have you seen a relevant piece of information that might interest him? Share it. These kinds of small gestures don’t cost you anything, and by doing this you show him that you enjoyed working with him and that you are interested in his project.

Earn the trust of your customers

Be transparent with your customers! 

Example : 

If on Monday you realize that you will not have completed the work you were due on Friday, rather than spending 3 sleepless nights doing average work and at the risk of penalizing other projects, break the bad news to your customer. Explain the reasons for your delay and offer a revised delivery plan. Your client will certainly be disappointed with the postponement, but will appreciate your honesty. 

Do not warn him the day before for the next day, raise your alerts as soon as possible! 

Don’t say yes to everything

Don’t oversell your expertise. Do not promise something you are not sure you have mastered.

It happened to me, I admit, and in the end, I was glad I made some extra money, but frankly, if I had said no right away, I would have avoided myself. trouble, a lot of time (and therefore money) wasted, not to mention the stress generated …

Let your customers know

Do not hesitate to solicit the opinions of your customers on new projects, they can give you very good advice, and they will be happy to feel involved upstream. 

Often times, when I work on a new service, a new training, I let a few of my favorite clients know, tell them about it and ask for their opinion. I can tell you that they love it, they feel in the know, and often even give me very good advice … Of course, when the said product or the training is launched, they are the first to know it, and often they buy with great pleasure, no doubt because they felt they were participating in some way.

Have a “loyalty card” approach

Today, all businesses have loyalty cards: points to be won, frequent discounts, etc. They all have the same goal: to get you back to the store.

You can take inspiration from this system for your freelance activity! It’s not about creating loyalty cards, but discount mechanisms can work. For example: “if you buy a service from me, you will have -10% on the next one”.

Promote the news of your customers

Share your customers’ news, and get them to see it.

To go further, why not also interview a client for your blog? A few questions, a photo, he can even use your interview to get people talking about him on his own networks, exposing you to new people.

In summary

To retain a customer: 

1. Communicate with him, regularly
2. Provide excellent “customer service”
3. Share your intelligence
4. Develop his confidence in you
5. Don’t say yes to everything
6. Let him know
7. Take a “loyalty card” approach
8. Promote your news

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