Post Submission Form

The post (format) submission form is a frontend interface for users to create a content.

Article submission

Form Sections

The form can be divided into the following sections:

1 – Title
Post’s title

2 – Content
This is the main section. It differs among formats. It might be a rich content editor (Story format), a list of items (Open List format), or the Meme Generator (Meme format)

3 – Attributes
Post’s custom attributes like the Referal Link or Source. It also differs among formats

4 – Featured Image
Post’s featured image

5 – Category
List of categories a user can choose from

6 – Tag
A user can create a new tag or choose an existing one (using autocomplete)

7 – Terms and Conditions
If enabled, a user must agree (check) to submit.

8 – Actions
A user may:
– Save the post as a draft
– Preview the post (only if previously saved as a draft)
– Publish or Submit to review depends on moderation status
– Cancel the submission

Link submission

The Link format allows user to submit external page links. Our website will automatically fetch link title, description and featured image.
User only choose category and tags.

Ask Question

Do you have other questions? Don’t worry, there aren’t any dumb questions.

Join the Conversation and Ask a Question within the ASKourse Community, and probably you can find some great Answers

1 – The question in the title
2 – discription of the question
3 – Add tags
4 – Submit

Answer and help others

1 – Chouse question
2 – create answer
3 – write the name (if not login in)
4 – post the answer

User Social Icons and info

To add Social media links and Biography :

1 – Go to profile
2 – Edit profile
3 – change “name” , add “Biography”
4 – add Social media links
5 – Save

Also in the same profile page add profile picture and cover.

Do you have other questions? Don’t worry, there aren’t any dumb questions. CONTACT US