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Undoubtedly, books are a very great and indispensable thing for professionalism, but at the beginning of your life it is very preferable to learn from the videos, and the reason is that the video decodes for you incantations and complex things. The book, since most of it is words and not pictures, you can rely on it as a reference for information instead of referring to the videos every period. Here I will give you the most important things that you will get in the videos, and you will not find them in most books.

Life experiences

There is no disembarkation in the book, as the author of the book reviews and coordinates information in an academic manner and does not get off information or ideas most of the time, but in the video you will find the person telling you about life skills and how he works in the real work environment, and he can tell you about some of the problems he faced, and he can tell you a funny story that happened with him in the real world that makes you remember the information well and do not forget it, and also he can be light in shade and in his style that makes you understand the information well because of your love for his method, but in the book this cannot happen as there is no voice and no person with personality You love it because the style of writing is different from hearing someone in front of you.

Complete practicality

I read dozens of books and I did not find a complete practical application in them, because all of them are academic explanations that explain to you the scientific material with everything related to it. Imagine with me that you are making a practical eCommerce application in PHP and you will use the Laravel framework with it and HTML + CSS + JS languages, ​​in the videos things will be simple and you will be able to make a complete practical application without any problem, but in Books It is very difficult to make such an idea because the existing books talk about a language with all that it pertains to. Rarely do you find a book that has a complete practical application that contains a complete variety of languages ​​in one path. This point is not common in books, even if you find more than one book.

Face to face learning

people learn easily and comfortably when watching the Instructor speaking in front of them in the video, and this is one of the impossible points to be found in the book. And the same case, there are many people who like the method of learning by listening, not by reading, and these apply to them the same as above.

Secrets and mysteries

After you studied a language like HTML + CSS + JS and you worked in the field of Front-End and read tons of books, you’ll not notice within the books the creations that seem daily in practical application channels, that contain secrets, mysteries, and various uses of things I learned from videos and books, and an example of this can be all The Pens on a website like Codepen, imagine with me if you probably did not watch these channels and relied solely on books, it would be not possible to watch these creations or recognize these secrets.

Areas that are hard to learn from books

Some areas like the Graphic or the 3D or the Animation Imagine with me if I make a case for a way to move any part in a video that lasts a few minute, you may want twenty pages of the book to clarify the same plan because of the massive number of animation and things that are being done that require something moving to explain and not written texts next to them photo

Book features

  • The book does not need electricity or a computer to read it, and this is a nice feature where you can read it anywhere convenient for you and at any time
  • The book has an academic explanation and in most cases it covers the scientific material in a very large proportion, unlike the video, and that is why it is called a reference

Note :

All of what was written in the article may apply to you and may not apply to you in the end. This is a summary and life experience that can benefit someone and the other does not. Therefore, you should go through your experience to make sure for yourself whether what was found in the article applies to you or not.

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