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Asp .Net Core Dependency Injection Container, C#, Dependency Inversion, IOC,Lously Coupling,Clean Code,Service Lifetimes – Free Course


Concepts such as Dependency Inversion, Inversion Of Control, IOC Container, Dependency Injection are very important but confusing concepts while developing code in today’s world. In this course, we will define these concepts. We will describe the Microsoft Dependency Injection Container, which comes as Fundementals in ASP NET CORE Framework and forms the basis of almost all components, with all its features. In this way, you will be able to increase the quality of your applications by developing more efficient, sustainable, testable and lavishly coupled applications by using this information while developing code in daily life.

What is Dependency Inversion Principle?

What is Inversion Of Control Principle (IOC)?

What is Dependency Injection Design Pattern?

Why do we use Dependency Injection Container?

What are the benefits of Dependency Injection Container?

What architectural problems will we encounter if we do not use a Dependency Injection Container? What are the disadvantages of these problems? How does the Dependency Injection Container solve these problems?

What is Dependency? How do we detect dependencies?

What are Service Lifetimes? How do we manage relationships between each other?

When to use Transient, Scoped, Singleton Lifetimes?

While answering questions such as;

We will learn the end-to-end use of Microsoft Dependency Injection Container by making examples about Microsoft Dependency Injection Extension methods and their uses, and solutions to more complex problems through the Microservice architecture training project. We will also have a few examples on how you can develop Clean Code using Dependency Injection.

Our expectation is not that you develop in parallel while following the training, but that you understand the scenarios, concepts and what we do and why we do it. We shared all the projects used in education as open source code. In this way, you can test the codes described in the training yourself and reinforce what you learned in the training

Who this course is for:

  • People Who Want to Learn the Concepts of Dependency Inversion, Inversion Of Control (IOC), Dependency Injection
  • Software Lovers Who Want to Use Microsoft Dependency Injection Container Technology While Developing Applications

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